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  • Title: Human Evolution
  • Author: John L. Bradshaw
  • Category: Psychology
  • Date: January 2014
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: ISBN: 1317715888


Ebook description:

The final decade has seen an explosive burst of latest details about human origins and our evolutionary standing with respect to different species. We’ve lengthy been thought of distinctive as upright, bipedal creatures endowed with language, the power to make use of instruments, to assume and introspect. We now know that different creatures could also be more or much less able to comparable behaviour, and that these human capacities in lots of circumstances have lengthy evolutionary trajectories. Our details about such issues comes from a various number of disciplines, together with experimental and neuropsychology, primatology, ethology, archaeology, palaeontology, comparative linguistics and molecular biology. It’s the interdisciplinary nature of the newly-emerging data which bears upon one of many profoundest scientific human questions – our origin and place within the animal kingdom, whether or not distinctive or in any other case – which makes the final matter so fascinating to layperson, pupil, and professional alike. The ebook makes an attempt to combine throughout a variety of disciplines an evolutionary view of human psychology, with specific reference to language, praxis and aesthetics. A chapter on evolution, from the looks of life to the earliest mammals, is adopted by one which examines the looks of primates, hominids and the appearance of bipedalism. There follows a more detailed account of the varied species of Homo, the morphology and origin of contemporary H. sapiens sapiens as seen from the archaeological/palaeontological and molecular-biological views. The origins of artwork and an aesthetic sense within the Acheulian and Mousterian by to the Higher Palaeolithic are seen within the context of the psychology of artwork. Two chapters on language deal with its nature and realization centrally and peripherally, the prehistory and neuropsychology of speech, and proof for speech and/or language in our hominid ancestors. A chapter on device use and praxis examines such behaviour in different species, primate and non-primate, the neurology of praxis and its potential relation to language. Encephalization and the expansion of the mind, phylogenetically and ontogenetically, and its relationship to mental capability leads on lastly to a consideration of intelligence, social intelligence, consciousness and self consciousness. A remaining chapter critiques the problems coated. The ebook, of round 70.000 phrases of textual content, contains over 500 references over half of which date from 1994 or later


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