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  • Title: Curb Service
  • Author: Scot Sothern
  • Category: Biography
  • Date: July 2013
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: ISBN: 1593765622


Ebook description:

Cruising nighttime byways for an adrenaline repair, Scot Sothern first patronized {the marketplace} of curbside prostitution browsing the prurient whims of a younger man. He dove to the murky depths of sexual obsession and resurfaced 5 years later, shell-shocked and with out excuse. Whereas there, trusty Nikon in hand, Scot, a second-generation photographer, made full-frontal X-rated exposures, black and white, crammed with pathos and an uncanny realism. The photographs captured the plight of the disenfranchised in America, these forgotten and drug-addicted. Now he is able to inform the story behind the images, the confessions of a befuddled baby-boomer sustaining a slippery connection to propriety whereas side-tripping into noirish infatuations with these low in life. Curb Service recounts Sothern’s previous as a troubled child within the 1960s who visited two-dollar whorehouses and as an grownup within the 1980s continues to be at it. A photographer who both can’t get a break or blows it when one comes his manner, Scot desires to carry onto jobs, wives, and relationships; he tries to be a very good father to the son he loves. But he continues selecting up road prostitutes, photographing them, having intercourse with them, residing moments of their lives and watching them fade away in a tradition that deems them prison and expendable. It was only some years ago that Scot’s images began to obtain discover by influential Drkrm Gallery in Los Angeles which led to the publication of Lowlife , a photograph e-book, by Stanley Barker within the UK and shortly by powerhouse in Brooklyn. His work has since been exhibited world-wide together with exhibits in London, Los Angeles, and Ottawa


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