Month: January 2021

Staying True To Our Own Emperikal Brand

Tips to Cultivate and Nurture Your Corporation Over the internet in Malaysia

Internet marketing can include several different tools, including social network, search engines, and email. At Emperikal, we take care of all of your SEO services in Malaysia worries, which leaves you more time to concentrate on your business. There is no doubt realizing that your organization’s image is at good hands.

Since 2017, Emperikal continues to be the main topic on internet marketing in Malaysia. From online marketing tools such as SEO services to content marketing, email marketing, and solutions, Emperikal’s main aim is always to help you fulfil your entire internet marketing needs and bring your customers to the full possibilities.

Emperikal will pre-plan your whole SEO campaign, before presenting it to your team for approval. With this approval, we can then carry out SEO content marketing activities, organic content promotion, backlink building promotions plus much more. From that point, you will probably receive comprehensive reports and investigation of the particular data.


Website design can also be important, as it is the first opinion any prospect gets- our design team at Emperikal will think about your brand artistic and the field to make a unique and impressive look for your online business. We can also maintain website development and enhance your platform for your products and clientele.

At Emperikal, our search engine optimisation and contextual and banner advertising may also help your small business reach new audiences and create long-term relationships with your consumers. We can help establish productive campaigns for your business through premium quality marketing and intensive target market study.

Developing a unique and dazzling design is important to any business enterprise if you want to stand above its competition. Emperikal may help you produce your brand and engage broader potential customers. Through our picturesque designs and inventive concepts, you’ll be able to get fast and influential effects.

Emperikal’s internet marketing with social media services is designed to deliver lasting results. We manage your online community campaign from learning to end and assist in web development, art direction, and content creation. We also follow-through after delivery, to analyse and improve your results.

Emperikal offers extensive and flexible content marketing services in your business. Our content team performs analysis of on-field topics, prospect behaviours, and other essential content types to produce blog articles and various kinds of content to provide your target market with the best details available.

Build up your audience and small business branding today with Emperikal’s SEO services in Malaysia services. With his results-driven model, we help you beat its competition by cultivating less expensive on your audiences. If you wish to learn more about our services, visit to have a look at your alternatives.

Stock Investing, the Intelligent Investor Way

Here’s a question: which asset class do you invest in? You have probably heard of “don’t work for money, make money work for you” enough times. The thing is, you begin to understand the concept, and you probably reached a point thinking, which asset classes should I start investing in? Well, stock investments may be one of the options. Apart from cryptocurrency, stocks have gained a lot of attention lately, and even interests in investment classes (such as the one you can join through Bijak Labur program in Malaysia) have also grown significantly compared to the past few years.

Can You Actually Make Money From the Stock Market?

Some of us may shiver when we hear about the stock market. Most of it is because of the bad experience people around them had. Before you choose to believe them, think again, is it the stock market, or is it them? Chances are, those friends did not have a solid strategy and the proper knowledge to invest in. But that’s the thing; it’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t unnecessarily lose money “experimenting”!

Safeguarding Your Investment Capital

Bijak Labur

While it is true that the risk is always there, it does not mean you should stay away from stock investing altogether. In every investment, there is one element that can make or break you. The answer is knowledge. With the right knowledge, you can lower your investment risk. In the stock market, you can approach it safely through value investing.

Ask Yourself: How Much Do You Know About the Company You’re About to Invest?

Before deciding whether or not to invest in a company, think about whether the business model suits you. If you are a shariah investor, is the company shariah compliant? You can use many sources to check, including the Securities Commission website. And then examine also how the company generates revenue. If you understand the company, then you may consider it.

Do the Right People spearhead the Company?

The human factor is key to the longevity and growth of a company. Before making a move, make sure that you take time also to read the profiles of the executives. Excellent management is usually the ones with adequate experience in both the company and the industry. If, for some reason, you don’t trust the management, it’s better to be careful instead by staying away from the company.

When All is Good, Check Your Buying Price

After fulfilling the previous qualitative criteria, you should only consider buying the stock. But before you do, consider your buying price so you do not overpay. The best way has always been to buy the stock when it is on discount or also called being “undervalued“. Buying at the right price helps lower your risk too!

What to Do Next? Buy & Hold!

Unlike traders who focus on making money from intraday trading or swing trades which are stock purchases held for a few days or weeks, real investors hold their position as long as they can. This is important because you will need time for your investment to compound and start growing by itself. It’s about time in the market. But remember, it’s not that you should never sell your stocks. The rule of thumb is: if the company continues to grow, and the business model still makes sense, then you might want to keep it. If they no longer do that, be careful.

How to Get Started?

Do you agree with the methods shared here? If yes, you should take the next step to learn about value investing. We suggest that you consider this Malaysia-based website called Bijak Labur ( which has valuable insights about value investing in Shariah-compliant stocks & other types of securities such as ETF, which is essentially similar to socially responsible investing.

Good luck, and remember, always invest in knowledge first so you can do it right!

Malaysia’s Admiration For Amway

About This Brand

Amway MY is an affiliate within the worldwide AMWAY Groups, well-known in 1976. In 2006 to 2007, Amway won the BrandLaureate Awards biggest selling brand in Malaysia. Amway is considered the option provider for superior quality consumer goods for numerous Malaysians, which includes vitamin supplements, personal care products, Perfume and home goods.

Skin Care Products from Amway

Amway’s beauty array has all the items for total routine. Amway has all of it from beauty masks and glistening body jelly to makeup like automated eyebrow pencils and removing foundation. The brand also produced a scent, called ARTISTRY Studio Tokyo Edition Fragrance Mist. along with elegance accents for their devoted customers.

Amway’s Personal Care Products

Give yourself ideal care using our body care items. For improved hair, pick out a shampoo and conditioner to match your hair type in our hair care selection. Your teeth’s health can also be cared for with superior oral care goods. Your children will be taken care of too with good quality child care, like our shampoos and conditioners and toothpaste for the children.

Amway Malaysia

Our Nutrition & Wellness

Using our essentials, like the soy protein product, your good health could very well be maintained. Get your kids our chewable vitamin C as it is a popular parents’ decision for kid’s wellness. Adults can enjoy the advantages of our bee pollen product and the Coenzyme Q10 Supplement for our health and wellbeing. To strengthen your defence mechanisms, you can consider our Phytopowder drink crystals.

The House Living Products

Our air treatment technology allows you to breathe cleaner air in your house. Drink up clean and treated drinking water now with our eSpring Water Treatment, and get the most from your food preparation with QUEEN cookware items. Get competent cleansing with our laundry care items, like our cleaners and chemicals, and dish care items and concentrated laundry liquid.

Energy Drinks of Amway

Releasing XS, a power drink line from Amway, includes sugar-free and engaging drinks to power you through your day. XS delivers many flavours,, including citrus and cranberry-grape favoured by many people. This brand has expanded and been made an offer at 57 markets throughout the world. You can enjoy XS beverages in single cans, or have a pack of six cans.

Why Amway?

Choosing Amway is a great move for yourself contemplating our high-grade health products are made with natural ingredients backed by research. Our high-tech home living goods are also an upgrade into your living space. Using Amway’s range of products can bring about meaningful changes in your wellness way of living.

Why is Our Brand Essential for Malaysians?

Having various high-quality consumer goods, Amway presents top quality items which acts all demographics in Malaysia. Consumers can benefit from each of our treatment, dietary, Perfume and beauty goods, while loved ones can also enjoy our brand into their homes. Our items serve all require and therefore are consumable to individuals of all age range and groups.

An Introduction To 2019 Best Coworking Space From Common Ground

Common Ground: Redefining Working

Entered 2017, Common Ground offers four main solutions and products to its clients: private office, shared office rental, fixed desk, and virtual office. Common Ground has expanded to add offices in Malaysia, Thailand, and also the Philippines. We also won the Best Coworking Space in KL at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards in 2019.

There are many advantages to working in a coworking space, especially as a freelance worker or perhaps a young entrepreneur in the beginning stages! Rather than working from your home and being trapped inside every day, a coworking space can place you in the appropriate state of mind for work, and might even enhance your efficiency.

A personal office at Common Ground will give you the best of both worlds- the opportunity to system additionally, the private space to acquire work done. The office is totally yours- you have access to it 24/7, and it’s also lockable. We also appreciate 12 hours used for that meeting rooms, and there are special discounts obtainable for our events.

Common Ground

Having the ability to greet clients in an exceedingly specialist office space is critical, which is why renting a workplace could be a great choice for entrepreneurs just getting off the ground. Sharing a workplace with assorted businesses and people can even be beneficial for the network, and you will probably even get new customers from it!

Get special, members-only savings to all our events with the Common Ground fixed desk bundle. The deal also includes 24/7 access to your chosen fixed desk place, and a free of charge 5 hours access to our conference areas. We provide lower worldwide calls if required as well.

Common Ground’s virtual office solutions provide your company with the essentials it requires. Our virtual office can present you with a specialist company address, mail handling services, and a business residential from our Hello CG app. To be a Common Ground finest associate, additionally, you will be eligible to discount rates on all of our events.

Check out of the Common Ground website to learn more about the advantages included with much of our packages! Don’t feel like you will need to dedicate without delay either- you can book an evaluation run to observe how the place works for you. Visit for more info on coworking spaces in KL to book a period and location that actually works most effectively for you.